Locomotives of the London & North Eastern Railway

The original 19-part series is available in three formats:

  1. Online viewing on this page (for signed in users)
  2. Eight searchable PDF files, available to purchase and download from the RCTS Digital Archive shop
  3. Eight printed books available to purchase from Amazon.  Links available via the RCTS Digital Archive shop.

The eight PDFs and books are grouped as shown in the table.  Online viewing is organised by original part and locomotive class.

Reissued bookOriginal bookReleasedCoverage
Volume 1Locomotives of the LNER Part 11963Preliminary Survey
Volume 2Locomotives of the LNER Part 2A1973Tender Engines - Classes A1 to A10
Locomotives of the LNER Part 2B1975Tender Engines - Classes B1 to B19
Volume 3Locomotives of the LNER Part 3A1979Tender Engines - Classes C1 to C11
Locomotives of the LNER Part 3B1980Tender Engines - Classes D1 to D12
Locomotives of the LNER Part 3C1981Tender Engines - Classes D13 to D24
Volume 4 & 5Locomotives of the LNER Part 41968Tender Engines - Classes D25 to E7
Locomotives of the LNER Part 51966Tender Engines - Classes J1 to J37
Volume 6Locomotives of the LNER Part 6A1982Tender Engines - Classes J38 to K5
Locomotives of the LNER Part 6B1983Tender Engines - Classes O1 to P2
Locomotives of the LNER Part 6C1984Tender Engines - Classes Q1 to Y10
Volume 7 & 8Locomotives of the LNER Part 71964Tank Engines - Classes A5 to H2
Locomotives of the LNER Part 8A1970Tank Engines - Classes J50 to J70
Locomotives of the LNER Part 8B1971Tank Engines - Classes J71 to J94
Volume 9Locomotives of the LNER Part 9A1977Tank Engines - Classes L1 to N19
Locomotives of the LNER Part 9B1977Tank Engines - Classes Q1 to Z5
Volume 10Locomotives of the LNER Part 10A1988Departmental Stock, Locomotive Sheds, Boiler and Tender Numbering
Locomotives of the LNER Part 10B1990Railcars and Electric Stock
Locomotives of the LNER Part 111994Errata for the series, now redistributed across the other volumes

Online viewing

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Data downloads

LNER fleet by Year.  Click to enlarge.

  1. LNER fleet by originating company

Download a file listing the number of locomotives in each class at Grouping and at the end of each year until the end of steam on BR in 1968. It combines the data in the large number of separate tables in volumes 1-9.  The file is .ods format, which can be opened by Excel, OpenOffice.org Calc and Google Docs.

The Rly. column was used for classes taken over by the LNER at or after grouping. It can be difficult to define what is 'pre-grouping'. The LNER added to some classes and some 'new' LNER classes are the result of reclassification or rebuilding of older classes.

A few caveats:

  • Unbuilt designs brought from forerunner companies are counted as LNER designs
  • Classes from forerunner companies continued to be built after the Grouping
  • British Railways continued to build locomotives to LNER designs after Nationalisation in1948.


2. Locomotive construction

The LNER fleet was substantially built by the fore-runner companies.  But what did the LNER itself build?

This download shows the number of locomotives built for LNER stock for each year from 1923 to 1947, plus locomotives of LNER design built after nationalisation.  It combines the annual figures given in the Locomotive Policy and Construction section of Volume 1 (pp15-21).

The figures are for new builds, so rebuilds and locomotives bought from the government after the two world wars (O4, O7 and J94)  are not included.  The LMS-designed O6s are those added to LNER stock.