Locomotives of the GWR Volume 3


Eight PDF files for your personal use. Each page carries a small RCTS logo.


A definitive locomotive history, such as the 14-part Locomotives of the Great Western Railway, deserves to be readily accessible.  It took 42 years (1951-93) to complete the series, and several parts were reprinted, but there was never a time when all 14 parts were in print together.  It is now possible to use digital print-to-order and online services to overcome the (mostly economic) limitations of litho print technology to make the full series available at the same time.

The series could originally be collected as a part-work – if you were patient. We have chosen to group the c. 1,950 pages of text and photographs into three larger volumes of 500 to 740 pages in length. The grouping is logical rather than chronological.

Numerous updates and corrections were published in Parts 12, 13, and 14.  These have been redistributed to be co-located with the original part, and are included in this volume. A facsimile is not able to match the production standards of a modern original, but we have done our best.  The text has been whitened, blemishes removed, and half-tone images processed into pixels.

The contents of Volume 3 are:

  • Part 4 Six-wheeled Tender Engines
  • Part 5 Six-coupled Tank Engines
  • Part 6 Four-coupled Tank Engines
  • Part 7 Dean’s Larger Tender Engine
  • Part 8 Modern Passenger Classes
  • Part 9 Standard Two-Cylinder classes
  • Part 11 The Rail Motor Vehicles · Internal Combustion Locomotives
  • War Service The “Dean” Goods

A foreword by Rev. Canon Brian Arman – President of the RCTS – is included.

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