Much of the work of the RCTS Digital Archive is undertaken by volunteers.  But there are still expenses, and we hope you will feel able to make a donation to assist the work.

The main items of direct expenditure already incurred, and to be recovered, are:

  • Scanning equipment: We use a sheet scanner costing almost £500, a desirable investment for the speed and quality it delivers
  • Website costs: Annual subscriptions to various software components and the cost of hosting the website.


But the call for donations is more about funding the future development of the archive. We hope the sale of books and digital downloads will help.   Future progress depends on our ability to raise sufficient funding to purchase:

  1. Camera and ancillary equipment to digitise photographic media, estimated to be £3,000
  2. Dedicated computer and networking equipment, estimated to be £1,500
  3. Furniture for a dedicated digitisation work area at the RCTS Library at Leatherhead station, estimated to be £1,000.

Gift Aid

If you have not previously made a Gift Aid declaration to benefit the RCTS, please consider doing so.

Say Yes to Gift Aid and the RCTS will claim an extra 25p from HM Revenue & Customs for every £1 you donate. Click the button to make a declaration.